Member’s Pages

The Member’s Area contains many useful items for Great Banquet and Awakening community members.

  • You can find lists of those serving and/or attending upcoming weekends.
  • Printable documents such as guest, sleeper, sponsor and volunteer forms.
  • Directions to the Lafayette Great Banquet and Awakening location.
  • Instructions on joining the LAFGB email group.
  • A place where you can update your mailing address and personal information.
  • Great Banquet and Awakening schedules and much, much more.

New Members:

You will need a password to enter the secure Member’s Area.  You will be prompted to enter the password when you click on any one of the options in the drop down. 

The password hint is: the name of the really long song that rhymes with Hey Dolores! (all lowercase, no spaces, no capitalization, no punctuation)