Update on the Great Banquet and Awakening Weekends

We regret to inform you of the decision to cancel the Women’s Great Banquet #136 and Boy’s and Girl’s Awakenings #’s 38 and 39. 

Given the wide-spread and constantly changing news coverage of the corona-virus, it isn’t hard to imagine that many around the country – and beyond – have grown uneasy about being in the presence of large groups.  Even today, the World Health Organization announced that Europe has overtaken China as the epicenter of the corona-virus.  The Lafayette Great Banquet Community is not immune from these concerns. 

Many of you already know that the Board has asked that only healthy sponsors and immediate family attend the Candlelight and Closing services during men’s #135 to minimize the potential for exposure to infectious diseases of any kind.  Our decision to cancel the upcoming weekends further helps protect against that possibility

This decision has a number of implications for us the us near- and longer-term. 

The most pressing near-term activity that the cancellation has is that the camp clean-up and activities associated with returning all of our stuff to the Agape Cabin that normally happens after our last weekend has to take place tomorrow.  This is a big job.  If you are a sponsor or immediate family member of a guest or team member, would you consider coming to camp no later than 3 p.m. to help with those tasks?  You have our commitment that we will stop before the Closing Worship service begins at 4:30 so you will not miss any of the service.

Another near-term implication involves the guests and sleepers who have accepted the invitation to attend one of the next three weekends.  We will contact each of the sponsors and guests to let them know that their Banquet and Awakening weekends have been cancelled.

Beyond these pressing details, the board plans to meet next week to discuss next steps.  We will stay in touch with you through push notifications on the LGB App, Google e-mail and Facebook to keep you informed. 

If you have any questions about this decision or any related matter, please feel free to contact:

  • Mike Winings at (317) 308-1834 or Pam Winings at (574) 721-6904

We do our best to control the things that are in our control but this is beyond our control.  It breaks our hearts to have to cancel our Great Banquet and Awakening weekends but we have to trust that God has us in the palm of His hands.

LGB Weekend Cancellation PDF Version

So what’s all the hype about RECHARGE???  We’re glad you asked…

 The board feels the spirit moving among us and has declared 2020 to be the YEAR of RECHARGE!!

                         RECHARGE God’s love within ourselves

                                    RECHARGE God’s love felt on the weekends

                                              RECHARGE God’s love in His community.

 YOU are called….you are needed….your strengths, your talents, your support, your love, your hands and feet to BOTH serve and to invite guests.  The ENTIRE COMMUNITY is NEEDED to RECHARGE!

Lafayette Great Banquet/Awakening, fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit called to RECHARGE the flame of HIS love!!

 Click here to read more about what YOU can do to…..RECHARGE

Check it out!!

The Lafayette Great Banquet and Awakening now has an APP!
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We are in need of some new or gently used Christian books.

We encourage individuals, couples and reunion groups to donate books or donate financially to help purchase new books.  Please bring donations of either kind to the August or September Gathering or click on the Donations tab to make a financial donation on-line.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

April 16, @ 7pm

Immanuel United Church of Christ * 1526 S 18th Street, Lafayette IN

Please bring a covered dish that can be shared with many.

We sincerely hope you will join us for worship, food and fellowship!

Has your church youth group heard the good news about the AWAKENING???

Contact Leon & Beth Hessong today to schedule an Awakening presentation at your church!!!

Leon:  765-337-4998 * Fred@geetel.net       Beth:  765-404-0775 * Beth81865@yahoo.com

2020  Spring Banquets

Men’s #135 – March 12-15 » LD: Chris Corbin » SD: James Foster

Women’s #136 – March 19-22 » LD: Debbie Barker » SD: Heather Corbin

2020  Spring Awakenings

Boys’ #38 » March 27-29, 2020 » LD: Jim Davidson » SD: Wesley Corbin

Girls’ #39 » April 3-5, 2020 » LD: Suzann Brouwer » SD: Deb Wettschurack


2020  Fall Banquets

Men’s #137 – October 8-11

Women’s #138 – October 15-18

2020  Fall Awakenings

Boys’ #40 – October 30-November 1

Girls’#41 – November 6-8


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